Grimsby – A Review


I liked Sacha Baron Cohen’s Grimsby (Grimsbeh) a lot. I love comedy films, everything from Superbad to Clerks, Modern Times to Dr Strangelove to Love and Death to Airplane! Some of my favourite comedies roll you over in your over-priced cinema seat, force you to partially cover your eyes and grimace as your inner-upperclassman recoils from the crass, disgusting imagery ahead – and my belly-laughs are never more painstakingly guttural and prolonged. Jackass: The Movie and its successors are, for me, the masters of manufacturing this torturous pleasure – I felt some of that in Grimsby and for that I’m grateful.

Borat had some real edge didn’t it? It was one of the first hugely popular Mockumentary films worldwide. Zelig, This is Spinal Tap, Man Bites Dog etc had all done it long before more locally, but springing off his Ali G. character Sacha became a worldwide megastar. People couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing, nor could they believe they were laughing at jokes on rape, molestation and sexism and still wanting more. Aside from his beer bottle + Oasis hooligan get-up, Grimsby amounts to little more than a retelling of Sacha’s greatest jokes (Rebel Wilson’s girlfriend character is Julie from Ali G., again, poo related misunderstandings like “laying a brick”) combined with an energetic Bond-esque and satisfyingly silly spy story featuring a great show from Mark Strong. Cohen and Strong’s characters’ differing attitudes make them a hilarious duo throughout.

If you can deal with more than just a smattering of F-bombs from little kids, synthetic scrotums and a caricaturist’s portrayal of Grimsby then definitely go and see this movie, especially if you’re British. It is one of those films where the whole audience will be guffawing throughout, even the most cynical of us.

7.3 dick jokes out of 10.


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